17Finnegan, Aengus. "The Tobernacogany Holy Well." Message to the author. 3 Jan. 2014. E-mail.
According to Finnegan, who has completed a PhD with his research on the placenames of two baronies in Co. Westmeath: "'Cogaine' is a genitive form, of, it seems, 'cuigeann' (see also the Dictionary of the Irish Language under 'cucann') which means 'churning ('of milk') or simply 'churn'. This word is a borrowing from Latin 'coquina' 'kitchen' and in earlier Irish signified 'kitchen.' Dinneen's Irish-English dictionary (1927) also gives 'a kitchen' as a meaning of 'cuigeann.' The most likely derivation for Tobar na Cogaine is 'well of the kitchen', which, in a monastic context, is quite interesting. Paul Walsh (The Placenames of Westmeath, 63, note 1) also gives this derivation."